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Digital transformation closing the employee-leadership gap, Capgemini

Posted on Jul 17, 2017

Digital transformation closing the employee-leadership gap, Capgemini

Is company culture a roadblock or a catalyst for digital transformation?

Does the big moment for an organisation arrive when they have embraced the fact that the prerequisite to digital transformation isn’t a technical issue, but a cultural change?

Unfortunately, it’s a pre-requisite that is beyond the grasp of many companies as they look to drive innovation and change through smart technologies and data.

For most, cultural issues continue to block digital transformation and it’s a problem that’s worsening. In 2011, a majority of respondents (55%) said that culture was the number one hurdle to digital transformation but in our latest research, this figure has actually risen to 62%.

Download the report to understand why organisations are struggling and what they can do about it. We undertook an extensive research program based on a clear definition of digital culture.

We surveyed 1,700 people—including not only senior executives, but also managers and employees—in 340 organisations across eight countries and five sectors. We also interviewed senior business executives from a range of organisations across industries, as well as academic experts.

This report is by Capgemini Consulting, the Global Strategy and Transformation Consulting brand of the Capgemini Group.